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Made in Italy using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, Chiarugi salt and pepper mills have been embraced by professionals the world over since 1952.


Top quality, reliable vacuum products with a long service life. Helios Germany vacuum jugs are among the finest in the world.


Set to be “the” standard others are judged by in holloware, servingware and hotelware, Sambonet’s designs have a refined and sparkling elegance.

Arthur Krupp

Stylish and chic European holloware, tableware and servingware for modern venues in a cost conscious world.


Contemporary holloware, tableware and servingware with the unmistakable lines of Italian design.


Alfi are world leaders in the manufacture of quality vacuum jugs, insulated serving jugs, ice buckets and accessories for the efficient service of hot or cold food and beverages.

Degrenne Paris

Leading European cutlery designers and manufacturers since 1945, today you can additionally benefit from Degrenne Paris’ timeless and modern classics in table and serviceware.

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Stainless Steel Liners

The logistics of keeping hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold for long periods of time has been solved with vacuum servers.

Traditionally the liner for the vacuum server was made of silvered glass, however this is not entirely practical for high volume users such as hotels. Glass liners are highly susceptible to “thermal shock”, so if very hot liquids are poured into a cold vacuum server, it is likely the glass liner will shatter.

The solution to this dilemma is stainless steel liners in place of glass. Stainless steel liners are unbreakable, dishwasher safe and will not taint the flavor of beverages.

Balancing Form & Function

We receive many requests for functional, durable servingware that doesn’t look “too hotel-ish”. Tongs that don’t look like they belong in the kitchen; buffet servers that don’t look too institutional; juice, milk and cereal dispensers that are modern and funky.

Our European manufacturers have addressed this trend and have engaged internationally recognised designers to create servingware so beautiful it could easily grace the most elegant homes.

There is one exception though. Not only is it beautiful, it is also functional, durable and ergonomically pleasing to use.