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Sola Netherlands

Durability and quality have driven the production methods and techniques of the Sola Netherlands craftsmen since 1922. Excellence in design and value, make the Sola Netherlands brand a smart choice.

Robert Welch

Design and manufacturing excellence. British designer Robert Welch, recognised how weight, balance and comfort in flatware can truly enhance the diner’s perception of the food.


Today’s professionals demand style, commercial quality and value in cutlery. Noritake Japan, your modern choice for the tabletop. * New Microsite.


Italian quality, craftsmanship and innovative design. The first choice for today’s international dining market.

Arthur Krupp

Classic and elegant, retro, refined or modern, in the Arthur Krupp flatware collection you can find the perfect long lasting design.


As one of the top players of cutlery in Europe, Eternum designers aim to please both the eye and the palate.

Degrenne Paris

The high quality standards of Degrenne Paris flatware is another reason why hotels and restaurants all around the world use this French cutlery.

Hospitality Buying Guides

What is 18/10 Stainless?

Stainless steel is essentially iron, with at least 10% chromium added to resist corrosion. It can contain up to 10% nickel to further enhance it’s corrosion resistance and structure, also making the steel less brittle.

All stainless steel resists corrosion, however grades with less nickel, are cheaper to produce.

18/10 – 18% chromium and 10% nickel.
18/8 – 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
18 Cr – 18% chromium and no nickel.
13 Cr – 13% chromium and no nickel.

Dining Point of Contact

Beautiful cutlery is like jewellery for the tabletop. It’s the sparkling finishing touch to the tabletop, and it is also the main point of contact for the diner with the food.

Well designed cutlery rests comfortably in the diner’s hand, and strikes the right balance between the weight and thickness of the metal. The knife blade will slice effortlessly through the food enhancing the guest’s overall dining experience in the most subtle of ways.