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Works of art handcrafted in Italy. Embraced by chefs and professionals around the world.


Original and “outside the box”. For decades the essence of the Thomas brand has has attracted professionals of all ages.

Degrenne Paris

The Degrenne Paris porcelain collections are the embodiment of excellence. Harmonious simplicity and elegance on the table.


For seven generations, the Legle Legrand Lebouc Company has been passing skills and expertise down through the family in Limoges, where they continue the old artisan traditions to this day.

Crockery Vista Alegre

Founded in 1824, Vista Alegre porcelain of Portugal offers a distinctive range of products jointly developed with prestigious designers and renowned chefs worldwide.


High grade commercial porcelain to suit to all types of foodservice operations. Kahla Germany, bring creative concepts, sensual forms and endless possibilities to your dining experience.


Modern and traditional chinaware for today’s hotel and restaurant professionals. The iconic Noritake Japan, elevating your dining experience. * New Microsite.


The world has admired Rosenthal porcelain since the German factory began production in 1891.


Manufactured exclusively in Germany for 120 years, Arzberg is durable, functional and aesthetically perfect porcelain that is profoundly personal in use.

Arthur Krupp

Extremely durable chinaware of exceptional quality at very budget-friendly prices. Made in Germany for contemporary hotels and restaurants.


Bernardaud of France, hotel chinaware brings refined elegance to the tabletop and with a myriad of styles and variations.


Avantgarde restaurant tableware and chinaware range has emerged as a broad collection of unique, innovative designs.


Moderne Tableware has created a stylish & simple collection of bone china and are constantly striving to add exciting, and innovative pieces to their range.

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Commercial Firing Temperatures

There is a direct relationship between the high glaze firing temperatures of hotel grade porcelain chinaware and durability.

Hard paste commercial porcelain is typically glaze fired at over 1350°C, this achieves an excellent glaze melt and results in fusion of the glaze with the clay under body.

The outcome is a very hard wearing ceramic body that resists dishwasher detergent attack, glaze scuffing, metal marking, with near zero water absorption for the greatest durability and hygiene.

Inspiring Culinary Creativity

Gone are the days when chinaware was always matching and from the same range and manufacturer.

Today’s chefs are taking a much more eclectic and relaxed approach when choosing tableware to showcase their menus, often choosing unique shapes specifically for individual menu items. This helps to keep the table presentation fresh and relevant.

A few interesting and unique shapes incorporated into your regular service will enchant your guests and enhance their overall dining experience.