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Uniquely combining French design and German expertise, Legle’s deep understanding of wine and specialised production techniques is clearly apparent across their entire collection.

Noritake – IVV Italy

Glassware for discerning hotel and restaurant professionals. Take your presentation to a whole new level with this exquisite range from IVV Italy. * New Microsite.


Rosenthal hotel and restaurant glassware is a pleasure to hold, a pleasure to toast with, and a pleasure to drink from.

Hospitality Buying Guides

Crystalline vs. Soda Ash Glass

Soda lime glassware is a lower quality glass, typically used for glass bottles, jars and bakeware. In many instances, the glass clarity can be visibly cloudy. Due to it’s lower cost some manufacturers use it for drinkware, which is generally only suitable for bulk catering industries.

Crystalline glassware on the other hand is a highly elegant material. “Crystal glass” must conform to the definition in European 69/493 EC Crystal Directive. It is extremely strong, with excellent mechanical impact and thermal shock resistance. It has a very clear colour, sparkling brightness and near perfect transparency for a spectacular visual effect.

Beaded or Beadless Rims?

Lower quality glassware is often seen with “beaded” top rims. The glass rims are annealed to remove sharpness, but this process leaves behind a beaded edge which is neither visually appealing nor a pleasure to drink from.

Higher quality glass manufacturers now offer headless rims, which are cut and then polished on highly sophisticated machinery. This method of polishing provides a faceted rim and clear edge.

This not only looks aesthetically pleasing and has very high resistance to impact and chipping, it heightens the pleasure derived from use.