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The Sambonet name is synonymous with style and quality. Italian kitchenware designed for discerning operators.


When you choose Paderno, you join a long line of professionals who have depended on the craftsmanship of this global leader since 1925.

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Pleasure from Quality Tools

Equipment failure in the middle of a busy service period is the last thing busy professionals need, so being able to rely on “the tools of one’s trade” is absolutely essential.

These tools are used intensively every day so it makes great economic sense to purchase good quality, robust equipment that has been specifically designed for hospitality professionals.

Through consistent reliability and performance, the initial outlay is soon forgotten, not to mention the pleasure and inspiration that comes from working with high quality tools and equipment.

So How Does Induction Work?

A copper coil under a vitro ceramic glass top creates magnetic waves, which in turn creates friction amongst the ferritic particles contained in the base of the induction-suitable cookware.

This friction generates the heat seemingly instantaneous to putting the cookware on the induction cooktop. The moment the cookware is removed the induction plate cools down extremely rapidly.

Induction suitable cookware includes stainless steel, black steel, blue steel and cast iron. Cookware made from aluminium, copper and ceramics will not work.