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Hard Paste Porcelain

We’re looking at German hard paste porcelain. Whiter, lighter and stronger. A secret formula for commercial environments is fired at 1420°C after which the glaze is applied and fired again at this extreme temperature.

This guarantees one of the hardest glaze surfaces found in the world with extreme tolerance to chipping and breaking, setting the benchmark in durability.

Low Cost German Chinaware

Until Arthur Krupp, German porcelain was considered by many operators to be “outside of the budget”. Well this has completely changed. Backed by a heritage of German porcelain production, Arthur Krupp offer extraordinary value at a super-low price point. Hotel grade hard paste porcelain for food professionals seeking unique, contemporary and practical shapes.

You can view the range here, or contact us for the full technical data on this “exceptional value for money” German tableware.

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